Renee's Art Studio
Paul Shin
il Portrait
Jim Hames
Cap Scalzo
Mike Allen
Karen Vadman Oil
Chris Vadman
Silk dye, Acrylic,
Chris has been exploring
textile art for over 20 years.  In
addition to Serti Silk painting
workshops she also teaches
Color Theory, Mixed-Media
and Advanced Textile Art
A versatile artist, Jim draws,
paints, sculpts, and has
designed an award-winning
Rose Parade float.  He has had
many illustrations nationally
published and many original
paintings, sculptures and
photographs are in private
collections internationally.
Giclée reproductions of his
originals can be purchased at
Monarch Art.
While Richard is a master portrait artist with
Gallery representation in Laguna and
elsewhere, he is also a master instructor
having taught at a number of institutions in
the southland.  His unique talent is the
ability to teach students how to capture the
essence of any person they are drawing.  
Portraits are created in Charcoal from
Watercolor and Oil
Bill Blackman began his art career in
graphic arts and advertising.  He contracted
with a large fine arts company and began
painting professionally.  After 15 years of
specializing in seascapes and landscapes,
he became interested in teaching his
method in workshops, video tapes, and art
instruction books. Many of his works have
been lithographed and distributed
throughout the United States and can be
viewed at Cosmopolitan Fine Arts Gallery in
La Jolla, California and Kobayashi Art
Enterprises in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Land and
Seascape Oil
KAREN VADMAN - the studio owner, has been oil
painting for over 25 years and has been teaching at
Renee's for 20.   She has the uncanny ability to not
only paint any composition or style but also has an
amazing sense of color that she conveys easily to all
her students.  In 2004, she became the owner of the
Studio.  She had once been a student of the original
owner Renee White.  She offers one-on-one instruction
in a group environment.
Giclée reproductions of her original oils can be
purchased at
Monarch Art.
Michael Allen has been
teaching painting for over 20
years to private students and in
a group class setting at his
studio in Fountain Valley and
at Renee's.  He also sells and
exhibits his own works, most
recently at a one-man show on
Santa Fe's Canyon Road.
Cap Scalzo has been
teaching art for over 1
years at a variety of
locations throughout the
San Fernando Valley
many Senior Centers.  He
teaches a variety of
disciplines including
drawing, watercolor, and
Jude came to us recently bringing a wealth of
knowledge with her.  Educated at the Montreal Museum
of Fine Arts, the Ontario College of Art and the
California Art Institute.  She believes strongly in
fundamentals  and ongoing instruction enhancing her
very own skills recently by way of watercolor classes with
award winning watercolorist Judy Koenig.  See more of
her award winning Artworks by visiting her website
Oil &
Oil, Charcoal & Graphite